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Your Sellers Aren’t Using Your CRM?

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Crm

In this video, Jane Gentry discusses the most likely reasons your salespeople are struggling to adopt your CRM. This invaluable tool needs to be aligned to your customer’s buying cycle and your sales process to be appropriately effective.


Here are a few reasons why your salespeople aren’t using your CRM:

  1. The CRM is more of a sales tax , than a sales tool.  Your CRM should support your salespeople as they pursue prospects through the sales process. Instead many companies use their CRM as a data collection database, thereby deterring their salespeople from using it appropriately.
  2. The sales process in your CRM isn’t effective. Your CRM should be aligned to your sales process as well as your customer’s buying cycle to be truly effective.
  3. The tools within your CRM are not easy for your salespeople to leverage. Playbooks, templates, case studies and presentations are either overwhelming or inaccessible, complicating the way your salespeople interact with the CRM and their customers. 

An effective sales process and CRM should primarily work for your salespeople to do what they do best – sell! If your sales people aren’t using your likely very expensive CRM, you need to take a closer look. It’s important to align the sales process in your CRM with the customer buying cycle while keeping in mind tools and development needed for each stage of the process.

Honing in your CRM system with a clear sales process will prove invaluable for your sales people. 

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Jane Gentry has had a successful 30-year career as a CEO, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Keynoter. Jane formed her practice in 1999 and since then has partnered with her clients to improve growth, profitability, client retention, employee retention, leadership capabilities and business value.

Jane leverages strategies including the proprietary Value Blueprint to enable business owners and leaders to successfully create healthy organizations, plan for succession or sell their businesses for the highest possible market value. Jane is considered one of the top voices in leadership and sales.