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Jane Gentry has 30 years of experience assisting leaders at high growth organizations to diagnose and solve gaps regarding strategy, people, process and development. With an eye for enabling profitable growth and improving sales velocity and pipeline consistency, she strives for better articulated value, better delivered value and a better value to the bottom line.

As a successful Business Consultant and Executive Coach, Jane Gentry has tailored her keynote presentations to educate and motivate leaders. When you book Jane Gentry as your Keynote Speaker, you can expect a inspirational leadership presentation backed by 30 years of experience. 

"An inspiring, direct session that increased my awareness and called me to action. Jane has a remarkable talent to make you feel like she is speaking to you only. I cannot wait to have another of my clients book Jane as she always delivers beyond expectations."
Managing Director, dynami
President Georgia MPI and Member of MPI’s Professional Strategy Committee

Most Popular Speaking Topics

Jane Gentry’s Keynote Presentations focus on the importance of relationship building and inspirational leadership. Each topic can be delivered as a Keynote Presentation (virtually or in-person), Breakout, or Full-Day Session. 

Talent Retention

As a leader, you are fighting against a significant math problem when it comes to employee acquisition and retention. 30 Million Boomers left the workforce during the COVID pandemic, and 5.4 million people started their own businesses. Today, we bring just under 10 million new people into the workforce every year.

The talent pool is tighter than ever. How do you protect your most valuable asset?

Business Consultant and Leadership Expert, Jane Gentry will share insights on how to maximize employee engagement, retain top talent, improve leadership and ultimately drive stronger performance.

Jane will help you beat the math and thrive in the face of today’s tightening talent pool. She will share with you the levers successful leaders are pulling to retain and attract top talent.

Learn how your leaders impact your retention, how constant change is impacting turnover, what employees want most and how community is the key to engagement in a remote workplace.

In this keynote presentation, Jane shares:

  • Insights on maximizing employee engagement and driving performance
  • Strategic levers to pull to retain and attract top talent in today’s market
  • The impact your leaders have on retention and how to help them be more effective
  • Keys to improve performance in a remote workplace

Relational Intelligence

Our society is experiencing a corrosion of Relational Intelligence – the ability to navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments. Creating a Relationally Intelligent company culture is critical to the success of any business. Even more so if your success or the success of your company involves achieving results through others and those others happen to work for you or buy from you.

Statistics abound across generations that show our increasing reliance on technology and the resulting deterioration of relationship building skills. In fact, studies show that 89% of us picked up our phone during our last face-to-face encounter. As we struggle with unmet cross-generational expectations regarding what is social and what is relational, business is suffering the unintended consequences of what Daniel Goleman calls “social autism”. The Relational Economy isn’t healthy. Business leaders can no longer assume that their staff have the skills needed for impression management, influence, face-to-face interaction and situational awareness.

What is at the intersection of technology and relationships? Relational Intelligence. Successful business leaders will take an intentional approach in building relationally intelligent systems, processes and cultures. The result will be higher employee engagement, more effective teams and increased client engagement and profitability.

This Keynote Presentation explores:


  • The connection between Relational Intelligence and the success of your business
  • The drivers of Relational Intelligence and their role in a Relationally Intelligent Culture
  • Why Relational Intelligence is critical for managing Millennials
  • The model we use for measuring the Relational Intelligence of your culture
  • Powerful techniques for operationalizing Relational Intelligence in your organization


Thriving in the Relationship Economy

The phrase “relationship economy” is gaining traction, but it’s actually nothing new. Businesses are finally figuring it out. How does it work? Take everything you believe about networking and throw it out the window. Now take your sales strategies that involve disrupting, challenging and spinning and add them to the heap.

Today’s successful organizations are growing their businesses by building relationships – with employees, vendors and their clients. In the relationship economy, the investment you need to make is in relationships with your customers – internal and external. Those relationships are the new currency.

This Keynote Presentation discusses:

  • How millennials are creating a relationship gap and how it is impacting business
  • Why companies that focus on relationships outperform the S&P 500 by 700%
  • Why work/life balance no longer exists
  • The connection between Relational intelligence and high engagement
  • Concrete strategies for creating a Relationally intelligent culture
  • Lead to Inspire

    If you’ve tried to motivate people within your organization and found that motivation doesn’t move the needle, you are right. It isn’t motivation that engages our employees at a high level – it’s Inspiration.

    Research on America’s Most Inspiring Companies published in Forbes each year reveals that customers are willing to give dramatically more of their hearts and wallets to brands recognized as Inspirational. And, there is a direct connection between Inspirational companies and Inspirational leadership. Inspiring Leaders + Inspired Employees = BIG GROWTH!

    In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The compelling research that informs the Forbes article
  • The drivers of inspiration and their role in employee engagement
  • Why inspiration drives engagement and motivation doesn’t
  • Powerful techniques for operationalizing inspiration in your organization
  • How to continue to make progress in times of change and uncertainty
  • Why Inspirational leadership is the only type of leadership that engages millennials
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