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Downloadable Business Strategy Resources

CEO advisor and business strategy expert, Jane Gentry, shares insights and tools that leaders can use to craft effective and actionable strategies.

Our Leadership Handbook was developed to help leaders who are seeking new strategies for talent acquisition and retention while facing today’s tightening talent pool. Gain insights to maximize employee engagement,  protect your most valuable asset, and improve your bottom-line.

Our handbook explains what strategic levers to pull for both talent retention and acquisition including tips on developing inspirational leaders and effective strategies for learning and career advancement.

This 7-Page PDF download includes:

  • The Essential & Coachable Habits of Inspirational Leaders
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Stay Interviews + 15 Sample Questions
  • The Definition of a Healthy Culture

Understanding of your company’s transferable value is critical when crafting your Exit Plan. Download our Exit Planning Scorecard to assess your current transferable value and better position yourself for a successful exit, succession or transition.

This 2-Page PDF download includes:

  • The Importance of Transferable Value When Exit Planning
  • The Top Drivers of Transferable Value
  • Plus an easy-to-use Assessment Scorecard

When crafting their business strategy, leaders must consider many variables. One of which, often overlooked, is an evaluation of the current client mix. Understanding your client mix will give you insight into where you may need to course-correct your strategy.

There are multiple ways to slice your client mix – by product, by division, by geography, by margin, by revenue. In this guide, we analyze and discuss two examples from companies that leveraged this approach.

This 5-Page PDF download includes:

  • Comparison of Two Real Company Examples
  • How To Use Client Mix To Change Your Perspective
  • Actionable Tactics for Implementing Strategic Changes
  • Questions To Consider Regarding Your Company’s Client Mix

Anything that can be commoditized will be sold online. Everything else will continue to require salespeople to have effective face-to-face interactions with clients. It’s no longer safe to assume this is a standard capability. The increased use of technology has deteriorated relational intelligence, a key skill and differentiator for salespeople.

In this eBook, business consultant and sales expert Jane Gentry discusses the importance of relational intelligence in sales and client relationship management. 

This 20-Page eBook download includes:

  • Explanation of Relational Intelligence and Its Decline
  • How To Have Great Sales Conversations
  • Description of Relationally Intelligent Behaviors 
  • Actionable Tips on Managing Client Relationships 
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Jane Gentry has had a successful 30-year career as a CEO, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Keynoter. Jane formed her practice in 1999 and since then has partnered with her clients to improve growth, profitability, client retention, employee retention, leadership capabilities and business value.

Jane leverages strategies including the proprietary Value Blueprint to enable business owners and leaders to successfully create healthy organizations, plan for succession or sell their businesses for the highest possible market value. Jane is considered one of the top voices in leadership and sales.