Accelerate growth by making your sellers better relationship managers

Accelerate growth by making your sellers better relationship managers

Accelerate growth by making your sellers better relationship managers

Is Sales Still a Relationship Business?

Find out why your sellers need Relational Intelligence more than ever before and how you can coach it to realize exponential growth.

We integrate the science of sales with the art of relationship-building to create a competitive differentiator for your organization.

We accelerate your sales growth by leveraging 25 years of deep experience in sales combined with an expert understanding of the latest research on “Social Intelligence”. We like to call this “Relational Intelligence” and we coach it in a way that ensures our expertise becomes your expertise. The result improves both the sales process and client engagement to drive growth.

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In Their Words

Jane and her approach to business have become part of our culture. You can see her influence at a variety of levels within our organization. Our sales people perform their roles with a sophistication that we never experienced before working with Jane. The bottom line is that we are winning bigger accounts and more business.

– Vice President and General Manager, Czarnowski

Jane is a valued member of our team. She’s learned our company, our culture and our customers as well as any of our own people. Her experience and knowledge have helped us to connect better with our internal and external customers. As a result of her contributions, our sales team has reached a level that distinguishes us in the marketplace.

– Franchise Network Director, MilliCare Textile and Carpet Care

Our Interface Conference was a striking success! Your message was perfect for our group and stole the show receiving overwhelming positive scores from our audience. Many of our clients and employees told me afterwards that they are looking forward to implementing your insights and ideas. There is no doubt you had a major impact on the audience. I hope you’ll be able to join us again at a future event.

– CEO, Avalon