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Negotiating Communication Tips

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Three Essential Negotiation Tips

Sales expert Jane Gentry shares her top three ways to improve your negotiation skills. Watch today’s video to learn three simple communication tips  to be a better negotiator in any scenario.

Tip #1: Understanding and agreeing are NOT the same thing.

Getting to a point of understanding is critical to any negotiation. It’s important to understand the other person’s interests and what their bottom line is. Acknowledging that you understand their incentive does not mean you agree with them. 

Tip # 2: Start With the 100% Rule.

A great way to start a negotiation-based conversation is by using the 100% rule. The 100% rule in sales is to start the conversation by stating one thing that the two parties can agree on 100%. Starting the conversation on the right foot helps to set a collaborative tone.

Tip #3: Put your “but” in the right place.

“But” is a problematic word that can entirely alter your tone and intention based on where it’s placed in a sentence. Rather than using “but” and negating a statement, Jane recommends using “Yes and…” whenever possible. Responding with “yes, add” contributes to a conversation rather than stunting it. 

Negotiation isn’t just for salespeople. Regardless of your position or industry, these tips will help you communicate more effectively with others.  


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