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  • Comparison of Two Real Company Examples
  • How To Use Client Mix To Change Your Perspective
  • Actionable Tactics for Implementing Strategic Changes
  • Questions To Consider Regarding Your Company’s Client Mix

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Learn to leverage Client Mix for your Company's Strategic Plan

A well thought out strategy is composed of a variety of industry, client, product, organizational and financial insights. Building one can be an intensive process. One tool that enables leaders to see their company from a different lens is an evaluation of the current client mix. A close look at where business comes from can shed light on both obstacles and opportunities that you hadn’t considered – true “a-ha!” moments for business owners.

There are multiple ways to slice your client mix – by product, by division, by geography, by margin, by revenue. Understanding your client mix will give you insight into where you may need to course-correct your strategy. In this article, we will look at two examples from companies who leveraged this approach, analyzing their client mix by revenue, and what they were able to glean from the data.

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