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CEO advisor & business consultant, Jane Gentry discusses sales, leadership and overcoming business challenges in a series of videos and articles.

Are You Presenting Too Soon?

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Sales Presentation Tips & Tricks

Jane Gentry is a sales leadership expert with over 30 years of experience helping businesses grow and thrive. In this video series, Jane will be sharing sales presentation tips, leadership insights, and more. 

Sales Presentation Tip 1:

Do you have a clear understanding of the problem?

Salespeople are problem-solvers. They are selling a solution to their client’s problem. However, to succeed at selling their product, it’s important that the salesperson first truly understands the problem at hand. Does the customer agree with you? It’s important to agree on the problem statement with your client before you get to the presentation stage of your sales process.

Sales Presentation tip 2:

What would it cost to not solve the problem?

Once the salesperson and the customer have agreed on the problem statement, it’s time to explain the value of solving the problem. The customer needs to identify what it would cost them to NOT solve the problem. Is the problem causing enough “pain” for them to want to make a decision about changing it? These questions help establish the need that your product is addressing, giving a clear indication of its value to the customer. 

Sales Presentation tip 3:

When is the best time For your Sales presentation?

As described in the video, It’s critical to train your salespeople not to present prematurely. The timing could be the reason why sales are stalled and your closing ratio is low. If you present before establishing the problem and the value in solving it, you haven’t listened enough to your customer to succeed in the sale. 

Did you know that 25% of sales engagements end with no decision? As a sales leadership expert, Jane is here to lend her expertise through sales advice, articles for today’s business leaders, and many more leadership resources

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Jane Gentry has had a successful 30-year career as a CEO, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Keynoter. Jane formed her practice in 1999 and since then has partnered with her clients to improve growth, profitability, client retention, employee retention, leadership capabilities and business value.

Jane leverages strategies including the proprietary Value Blueprint to enable business owners and leaders to successfully create healthy organizations, plan for succession or sell their businesses for the highest possible market value. Jane is considered one of the top voices in leadership and sales.