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Get the Most Out of Tradeshows

Harnessing the Power of Tradeshows

How to get the most out of tradeshows

Jane Gentry, Sales Expert and self-proclaimed Tradeshow superfan, shares her advice on how to capitalize on tradeshows. In this video, Jane explains why tradeshows are uniquely valuable sales opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. She discusses how to interact with prospective clients on-the-spot and how to avoid a common pitfall post-tradeshow.

The information in this video still applies to a post-pandemic business landscape. Today, companies are limiting the amount of people they send to industry conferences, expos and tradeshows. The attendees are likely those which will get the most value out of the event, which should in-turn benefit any companies participating in the tradeshow.

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Jane Gentry leverages her experience with Fortune 500 clients to help mid-market companies grow revenue by solving key sales issues like: process, pipeline, leadership, relationship management and hiring. She speaks worldwide on topics about sales growth and leadership. Her clients include companies in manufacturing, medical, professional services and technology.