Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Jane will take on an Executive Advisor role for a few clients a year. The relationship in coaching is the key to success, and so Jane’s approach is:

Active Listening and Trust Building

Jane excels at getting to know her client and building trust at the onset of the coaching relationship. She believes that nothing productive happens without great listening and transparency.

Define Winning

Jane believes that a mutually agreed upon end game is critical to a successful coaching relationship.

Identify Obstacles

Jane uses a variety of tools to determine what might be preventing a client from being more successful and achieving their goals. She is likely to use assessments and interviews and might sit in on client meetings.

Develop the Strategy & Action Plan

Once she has gathered feedback and with ongoing input from the client, Jane and the client will develop an agreed upon strategy with clear, specific action steps, expected time frames for implementation and clear accountability.


One and done never ends with success. Jane provides the on-going support, counsel, and encouragement necessary to ensure these changes take hold and lead the client to the success/goals they are seeking to attain. Jane’s expectation is that the client will attain the desired level of performance and success. And that in the end, the client is an inspirational leader that engages their team and is a positive role model for the organization.

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I am happy to recommend Jane to any organization that wishes to take their employees to the next level. Jane is an expert in human nature and provides materials and tools that allow our managers to immediately take what they have learned and apply it in real world situations. Those who work with her walk away excited, motivated, and ready to add value to the organization.

– VP Sales, Moss

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