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Jane Gentry has 30 years of experience offering business consulting services to leaders at high growth organizations. As a CEO advisor and business consultant, Jane helps you diagnose and solve gaps regarding strategy, people, process and development. With an eye for enabling profitable growth and improving sales velocity and pipeline consistency, she strives for better articulated value, better delivered value and a better value to your bottom line.

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Have you planned for maximizing your business’s inherent value?

We identify & Solve Organizational challenges

Is your business creating Income or Wealth?

As a business owner, you’ve been steering your ship towards steady income, ensuring the present is secure, and growth is consistently upward. But what about beyond that? Sure, the now is prosperous, but what kind of wealth are you building for tomorrow?

Income: Enjoying the Now

Income flows from your active involvement in the business. It reflects your success, but is it also paving the way toward a sustainable future? Income is great for maintaining a lifestyle and reinvesting for steady growth, but what happens when you step back? Does the income persist without you?

Wealth: Securing the Future

Wealth is what stays behind when you step out of the daily operations. The value embedded in your business can endure and support your desired lifestyle, even in your absence. Have you built your business so that it becomes a valuable asset, one that you could, if you choose, sell for an amount to assure a comfortable lifestyle post-sale?

Navigate Between Income & Wealth with the Value Blueprint

Jane works with CEOs and owners to embark on a journey where present-day income and future wealth are not mutually exclusive goals. Let’s harvest the fruits of your labor now while sowing seeds for a wealthy future.

Our value blueprint doesn’t ask you to choose between enjoying the now and securing the future – it facilitates a blend of both.

Steady Growth: Enjoy the financial freedom your business provides today without jeopardizing tomorrow.

Strategic Planning: Implement strategies that incrementally build wealth within your business over time.

Future-Proof: Ensure that the wealth embedded within your business is optimized and that you’re ready for whatever the future holds.

At the onset of a business consulting engagement, we take a strategic approach to review your organization’s structure and processes. From discovery to implementation, our goal is to diagnose and provide solutions for business gaps and weaknesses. Since relationships are our business, we want ours to be a happy one. We are highly motivated to make a difference for you and your organization, and we’ve found proven success with our approach. 


Diagnostic Discovery



Strategic Blueprinting



Growth Realization

Sustainable Scalability

Diagnostic Discovery

Starting with a comprehensive evaluation of your business, we learn your current position, goals, challenges, and opportunities.


We work with you to establish common direction for all stakeholders ensuring that every stakeholder is clear on and working toward improving the business’ value drivers.

Strategic Blueprinting

Developing a strategic blueprint for your business with practices that amplify the inherent value of your business, ensuring it's not just a source of income but a valuable asset that can be capitalized upon in the future.


Translating the strategic blueprint into actionable plans -workflows, structures, responsibilities, and timelines ensuring that your business is operating at peak performance and maximizing your income while you're actively involved.

Growth Realization

We are hands and help provide oversight, coaching, and mentoring to ensure effective implementation. This includes tracking progress against KPIs and driving accountability.

sustainable scalability

Finally, we focus on systematizing success. We work to embed a culture of continuous improvement, learning, and scalability. This allows your business to sustain growth, adapt to changes, and drive profitability and wealth in the long term.