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Busting Myths About Marketing & Strategy

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CEO Advisor Explains Marketing & Strategy

As an advisor to CEOs and business owners, Jane Gentry has seen a variety of responses to common business challenges. When it comes to marketing and strategy, many leaders make assumptions that have harmful long-term side effects. It’s critical to  understand the importance and difference between marketing and strategy to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.  

Marketing is More Than Your Website

Avoid the knee-jerk reaction of assuming your website and your brand are all that matters in marketing. Most importantly, marketing is about understanding your market. In this video, Jane explains how essential it is to understand your market and its’ needs before crafting your strategy. 

How a Business Consultant Helps Develop Strategy

Your strategic plan is critical to the success of your business, and should be the constitution by which your company lives by. It can effect more than your marketing and advertising. As a business consultant, Jane Gentry works with organizations to analyze important market factors and ask the tough questions to help craft a strong strategic plan.  

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