Everyone can coach, but we don’t always see the opportunities, or see ourselves as a coach. And, as we’ve discussed before, most people see coaching as something that a manager does with a subordinate.

With the collaborative environment we work in today, a great coach could pop up from anywhere, including a peer or a client. You will likely have an opportunity to be a coach for someone else; and, you’ll need these seven steps to be successful. Read more

We’ve been hearing more and more in leadership about the need for Transparency. This seems like a no-brainer and long overdue. But, this is a difficult task for many leaders.  They feel like being transparent will diminish their power or their image or their control. Like many things that are hidden, this comes down fear – fear of what would happen if others knew the details, fear of accountability, fear of failure. During times of high stress, we tend to want to hide our concern, our insecurities and our mistakes. And, who isn’t living in times of high stress these days? Read more