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Is Your Organization Prepared for Transition or Just Change?

The Difference Between Transition Management and Change Management

Transition and change are not the same; think of transition as the challenging state that change forces people into. Ignoring this crucial distinction can leave your organization vulnerable to chaos and failure. Ignoring the ‘people’ part can be catastrophic. Let’s discuss:

Change Management

Change deals with the practical—it’s about specific situations, events, and results, and you’re approaching it with an analytical mindset. For example, change occurs when there is a new leader or company structure, a shiny new tool or system to learn, or some fresh new rules in place.

Transition Management

Transition is more like a journey than a single event. A journey that people experience both individually and as a group. Transition unfolds gradually, compelling people to adapt and navigate the various phases over time. Managing transition effectively is all about the people—their emotions, behavior, and perspective. While people try to understand the situation and determine their place within it all, change continues to unfold around them.

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70% of Change Initiatives fail. Don’t Be One of them. 

Download our Transition Management Guide to better equip yourself for change, inspire others through transition and lead your team forward.

Transition Management Guide & Workbook

Flex the skills and knowledge you need to help teams collaborate and move forward together. This workbook covers how to lead effectively through a transition, communicate authentically with your team, and operationalize affirmation as a means of propelling your team forward. 

What's Inside:

  • 17-page PDF about leading through transitions
  • Interactive activities to build on lessons learned
  • Personal assessments to understand your current position

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Managing Organizational Transition

The reason most organizational change initiatives fail isn’t because those leaders don’t know how to manage change. Most leaders can handle the typical tactics involved in change like setting goals and establishing timelines. As managers though, are your organizations’ leaders equipped with the tools they need to manage people through the emotional part of a change?

Making sure your leaders know how to best support their team can be the difference between failure and success. 

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