The Power of Relational Intelligence

If your success or the success of your company involves achieving results through others and those others happen to work for you or buy from you, then creating a Relationally Intelligent culture is critical to your success.

Research now proves that we are fundamentally wired to connect. Our brains help us to navigate through every encounter we have – with our teams, with our managers, with our clients. This ‘social’ system gives the manager the sense that this is the person to hire, the employee a sense of attachment to a corporate purpose and a sales rep the sense that she has finally negotiated the right deal with the client.

Unfortunately, our society and business are experiencing a corrosion of Relational Intelligence. Studies show that college students have 40% less empathy than 20 years ago. But, nowhere are social relationships more critical and complex than in the workplace. Business is suffering the unintended consequences of what Daniel Goleman calls “social autism’.

Statistics show that 89% of people picked up their phone in their last face to face encounter. 96% of those people said that the interaction deteriorated once they looked at the phone. The Relational Economy isn’t healthy. We can no longer assume that our people have the skills needed for impression management, influence, face to face interaction and situational awareness.

Relationship management is at the root of every successful business whether the relationship is with your employee (measured by engagement), with your teams (measured by productivity), or with your client (measured in revenue and profit).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a generational problem or that it can be solved with yet another training program. Relationally Intelligent organizations put a high premium on social interactions. They are deliberate in building systems, processes and cultures that cross generational boundaries. They coach employees to be intelligent about social interactions and in them. These are the companies who win the top
talent and the most loyal clients.