Sales & Client Engagement

Sales is a relationship business. How do you keep your reps from hiding behind technology?

We’ll help you create a team who knows when in-person is a better choice. And, they’ll tell the right story, effectively engage the client and deepen the relationship.

Sales & Client Engagement

All things being equal, the way that you engage your customer will determine your success every time. We call it Social Intelligence – and if you’d like to spark more interest, deliver a consistent and engaging message, ensure the longevity of your hard won client relationships, and stand out in a commoditized market – we’ll help your team to get there.

We’ll bring our best practices and combine them with the innate knowledge of your own Rainmakers. In the end, your team is clear on what ‘great’ looks like and they have a process to get them there.

We’ve been in sales our entire careers. We want to enable sales people, not bury them. We give them processes, tools and training that are simple, repeatable and scalable.

We Work with Sales Organizations and Strategic Account Teams to:

Increase customer engagement and deepen client relationships
Learn to actively engage the customer in your meetings and presentations
Increase the collaboration in your joint business planning
Ensure that your processes are customer focused
Establish competitive differentiation in a commoditized market
Create compelling positioning that leverages insight


Jane Gentry has measurably improved the productivity of our prospect facing staff at key events over the past 12 months. Charming, intelligent and insightfully engaging, Jane brings her tools to the job that fine tune high performance sales teams. She has also coached our supply partners to enable a higher degree of collaboration within our project management system and execution teams.

– Jeff Masters, Sr Manager, Philips Healthcare


Jane and her approach to business have become part of our culture. You can see her influence at a variety of levels within our organization. Our sales people perform their roles with a sophistication that we never experienced before working with Jane. The bottom line is that we are winning bigger accounts and more business.
– Vice President and General Manager, Czarnowski


Jane is a valued member of our team. She’s learned our company, our culture and our customers as well as any of our own people. Her experience and knowledge have helped us to connect better with our internal and external customers. As a result of her contributions, our sales team has reached a level that distinguishes us in the marketplace.
– Franchise Network Director, MilliCare Textile and Carpet Care

Are Relationships a top priority for you? We are ready to help you improve the way you engage your clients and Grow Your Business.

Looking for an engaging speaker at your next event? Jane speaks at conferences around the world.

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