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Relational Intelligence

Managing the Crucial Intersection Between Technology & Relationships

Thriving in the Relationship Economy

Leveraging the Currency of Relationships to Grow Your Business

Lead to Inspire

Experience Explosive Growth by Utilizing the Science of Inspiration


An inspiring, direct session that increased my awareness and called me to action. Jane has a remarkable talent to make you feel like she is speaking to you only. I cannot wait to have another of my clients book Jane as she always delivers beyond expectations.

– Managing Director, dynami, President Georgia MPI and Member of MPI’s Professional Strategy Committee

Event Planner’s Toolkit

Working with Jane is the Easiest Part of Your Job

I have spoken at hundreds of events for a wide range of organizations, and I’ve posted useful tools to give you the information you need at your fingertips. If you don’t see what you need, I’m just an email away.

Speaker’s Introduction

Jane Gentry didn’t dream of being a doctor as a kid, she wanted to star on Broadway. In her twenties, as she pursued her dream, she learned that eating is a good thing too. To make some money, she took a ‘short term’ sales job in the event industry. When she left the industry ten years later, she was well fed and had had a successful career as a star closer and then vice president of sales.

Today she is a consultant for companies who value relationships. If your success or the success of your company involves achieving results through others, and those others happen to work for you or buy from you, then Jane will tell you that a Relationally Intelligent culture is critical to your success. Her firm helps organizations build systems, processes and cultures that value relational as much as social. Jane says, ‘if you heard Relational Intelligence and thought we were speaking of the internet, you probably need us!”

In her years since earning her MFA, Jane has been an actor, teacher, salesperson, manager, VP and entrepreneur. Now she’s hired by companies big and small that are ready to grow sales, increase engagement and build more productive teams by becoming Relationally Intelligent. Phillips Medical, Stryker, The Home Depot, SunTrust Banks, Milliken and Company, Coca-Cola and GSK are just a few of the mega-companies whose performance she has impacted.

Jane owns the company, but she never stops learning. She feels blessed to be able to marry her business knowledge with her performance skills in a way that impacts her clients. Jane lives in Metro Atlanta.


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Jane Gentry has had a successful 30-year career in Sales, Sales Management, Consulting, Executive Coaching and Keynoting. Since forming her practice in 1999, Jane has partnered with her client to improve sales/profitability, client retention, employee retention and leadership capabilities. She also improves cross generational issues by developing processes and cultures that build Relationally Intelligent cultures.

Jane draws on her years in business to help senior sales leaders create engaging, collaborative and profitable client relationships. She crafts solutions that include repeatable processes, insights-based sales positioning, value-based selling, bridging the gap from tactics to strategy and telling the right story. The result is better articulated value, better delivered value and a better value to your bottom line.

Senior HR leaders bring her in to coach managers on inspirational leadership and using Relational Intelligence to build high-functioning cross generational teams and improve employee engagement.

With continued appearances on the speaking platform at high-profile meetings from Canada to the Czech Republic, Jane addresses topics from Relational Intelligence to Inspirational Leadership to Selling Value. Audiences and clients have described her as “a woman with a vision,” “energetic” and “inspiring”.

The world’s most successful organizations have brought Jane on board, including Assurant, The Home Depot, Milliken, Philips, Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, BAE Systems, Stryker, GSK, Eclypsis, Transamerica, Wellpoint and SAIC.

Jane’s partners include senior executives with 20 or more years of experience in the disciplines of Sales, Strategic Account Management, Learning and Development, Leadership Development and Marketing.



Jane travels from Atlanta.


Jane will typically arrive the day before the event. She will require non-smoking accommodations based on her travel schedule. If your event is in the Atlanta area; Jane does not need a hotel room.

AV Requirements

Projector with a minimum of 2400 Lumens; she prefers a lavaliere microphone for groups over 25. We will contact you to schedule a 15-20 minute AV check before your event, either the night before or in the morning before your event begins.

Room Set-up

Banquet, classroom or theatre style set-ups all work great. Depending on the size of your group for workshops there may be a need for space for the audience to break into small groups as well. We will be happy to review your space layout with you.


Once the content is finalized, we will produce all the coaching materials and send them to you in advance of the workshop. Please give us a final participant count three weeks before the event.


Professional lighting is optimal. Jane wants to connect with the audience as much as possible. Please leave Jane and the audience as lit as possible.