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About the Process

Phase I:
A Roadmap to Improving Business Value

Outcome: A strategic action plan for improvement areas and enhanced value drivers.

Owner's Kick Off Session


  • Self-Assessment: A questionnaire to initiate dialogue with Pat and Jane.
  • Zoom Virtual Consultation: Initial dive into your business’s state of preparedness for increasing its value.
  • Transition Insight Report: Recap of our discussion highlighting strengths, potential areas for improvement and next steps.

Ownership Planning & Alignment


  • Psychological Readiness and Mindset Assessment
  • Advisory Sessions with Pat and Jane
  • Collaborative Owner’s Planning Workshop
  • Strategic Ownership Requirements for Enhancing Company Value Creation

Understanding buyers & the process of selling a business

Uncover the essentials of business valuation and discover the intricacies of the selling process. Equip yourself to not only enhance annual profitability but also to build enduring wealth.


  • Blueprint for selling a business.
  • Key attributes buyers prioritize.
  • Actionable insights for continual value creation and profitable operations.

Business Diagnostic & Strategy Insight

Analysis of the strengths and vulnerabilities for enhancing profitability and creating wealth in your business.

These universal drivers lay the foundation. When combined with the unique value drivers specific to your business, they create a holistic diagnostic framework.

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Organizational
  • Operational
  • Growth


  • Comprehensive analysis of opportunities within your organization to improve business value.
  • Insights and strategies for continual value creation and profitable operations are identified so they can be included into the Implementation Plan that is developed as part of Phase II.

Phase II:
Transforming Strategy Into Action - Implementation Plan

Outcome: A solid implementation plan, setting you on the path to optimized profitability and value.


Value Drivers Initiatives:

We will assist you in most effectively prioritizing the recommendations from our diagnostic analysis.

Expert Consultation Sessions:

We will provide insight into industry-specific growth avenues and potential challenges while moving through implementation.

Risk Management & Contingency Planning:

We will help you anticipate and prepare for potential challenges, ensuring smooth strategy execution.

Resource Allocation Advice:

We will make recommendations to manage financial and human resources effectively.

Progress Review Meetings:

We will meet regularly to ensure alignment and adjust strategies.

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Optimum Value Blueprint e1698263540549 | Atlanta Business Consulting