Our Approach

Since relationships are our business, we want ours to be a long and happy one. We are highly motivated to make a difference for you, and we’ve found that this approach is most likely to do that.


We make sure that we are all on the same page with where you want to go – purpose and scope of the engagement, current gaps and what outcomes you can expect.


We like get hands on and check assumptions, ours and yours. We do an audit to confirm the gaps that we believe exist. We also look for any obstacles that might prevent you from achieving success.


We’ll deliver the results in person to whoever you think is relevant.

The presentations will:

  • Clarify where are you now and what is missing
  • Identify the obstacles to positive change
  • Provide recommendations that are clear, actionable and repeatable
  • Implement, if we are the right solution


Any solutions including systems, processes and workshops/coaching we deliver are semi-custom and developed for your needs.

We believe that true change comes from within an organization and is best achieved through committed leadership – that means that if you are the leader, and you don’t plan to be actively involved, we believe the project will likely fail. Our approach to learning is:

  • Learning in manageable chunks
  • Practicing with an accountability partner
  • Creating a community that will inspire each other
  • And, coaching leaders to support the learning for sustainability