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The New Sales Funnel

There are four ways that sellers can change the way they approach the sales funnel.

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Five Strategies for Improving Sales Conversions

Here are five ways that you can pave the way for your sellers to be high performers.

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Here are four ways you can be more transparent at work.

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7 Steps to Being a Great Coach

You will likely have an opportunity to be a coach for someone else; and, you’ll need these seven steps to be successful.

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The Money Trap

A seller who can successfully negotiate the “money conversation” will maintain stronger relationships with his clients.

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Show Your Value by Asking to Be Measured

Effective salespeople take the initiative by asking, “how are we doing?” and “what could we be doing better?”.

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I’m Sorry

The way to salvage the client relationship is to acknowledge the client’s feelings, accept accountability for the error and work to find a mutually satisfactory way to move forward.

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Accountability in Our PC Culture

Steps you can take to build your Accountability Quotient include the following.

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The Eyes Have It

There is nothing more telling about what is important to you than where you focus your eyes.

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The Art of the Close

At the end of a client meeting, be sure you’ve garnered the following information.

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